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Re: Groo Dreams Revisited

> Thanks Azamin. I appreciate your kind words. Right now, I'm trying to
> figure that out myself. This is a sudden shock for all of us who are
> Turkish, or Turkish-American, as I am. It is a terrible tragedy, as
> many as 20,000 people may be dead. But, anyway, I suppose I'll red some
> issues of "the groo chronicles" tonight to cheer me up. I will let
> everyone know what, if anything can be done. Thanks, Tilly in Virginia/USA

I heard in the news  that it was 7.4 in scale!!!  And there were reported that
more than 2000 dead bodies had been found already.  An American rescue team
had been sent there.  Malaysian government had sent some help in form of
medicine and other items.  btw, are you living in Turkey or in US?  May Allah
(God) help those who are still trapped under the ruins (I'm a muslim).  Do you
have any relatives there where people can send clothes/blankets to them for
distribution to the earthquake victims.  Maybe you can give their address.