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Re: San Diego Report

Gary wrote:
>I also bought a piece of art from Sergio. I bought the
>art from the "Indicia" page of The Groo Adventurer.
>It?s a big pile of decimated warriors with Groo
>whistling a merry tune as he and Rufferto saunter off.
How much does a page cost?
Question 2:
How much does original trading card art cost?

I really don't think I'll be able to make it anytime between July 20 and
August 20.
School here starts early June. The only way I might be able to manage the
trip is if I fail to enroll...which would be very very bad. 
Besides, I don't have the money to travel farther than Hong Kong. Unless I
win the lottery or something. (Which would be a surprise, since I don't buy
I will really really try though. Whenever you're planning it, I'll try to
see if there's any possible way for me to make it. (Maybe send Groo over to
my school or something so that classes are suspended.)

I'm anxiously waiting for the results of the two,[did you say TWO?] two
mulch peices!

Does anyone know what the Usagi finger puppets look like?

-all this talk of signatures is freaking me out. Now I don't even want to
try and get something signed if and when I get to meet Sergio. (I'm already
too happy with my groo poster and star wars trading card with my name on
it.) [okay, that's parenthesis is addressed to everybody. Just so you know
you can read it.]