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Re: San Diego Report

>Does anyone know what the Usagi finger puppets look like?

~~~ Yeah, I think I have all of them.  (My bud, Lee brought them back from
Chicago con last year for me)  They're cards that you have to cut out to
make the little puppets.  (Of course, I didn't cut them out.)

Speaking of such things... you know the real reason why I want to go to a
con?  To get an original GROO page from Sergio.  And a page from Usagi too.
 That's pretty much it.  Being an artsy type, I'm fascinated by original
art and that would just mean the world to me.  Of course, just when I got a
real job and had real cash flowing in was when Sergio said he wasn't going
to sell anymore (unless at a con I guess).... that's all I want.  Why is it
so darned difficult?

~Nate~ Suffering twinges of pain every time I realize I missed another
year's con.  Pardon my angst.
Nate Piekos        nate@piekosarts.com
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