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Re: A Few Questions

--- Superzeus@aol.com wrote:
>      I've got a couple of questions I'm hoping you
> guys can answer for me.  
> First, is the list of the MAD paperback books in the
> back of Completly MAD 
> up-to-date?  Second, does anyone know what the
> inserts were in the series 1 
> MAD trading cards?  And finally, does anyone know
> all the issues of Dark 
> Horse Extra Sergio worked on?  Thanks.
> Bill
I saw the MAD Star Wars special. Sergio's drawings were pretty cool!
did someone say he rarely does MAD anymore? I havent read that magazine
on a regular basis in a long time. Take care, and please donate money
to the quake victims in Turkey. All of us Turks and Turkish-Americans
would really appreciate. Take care, Tilly
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