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Re: A Few Questions

Sergio still contributes his marginals and "A MAD Look at..." for every
issue of MAD.  In fact, the latest issue (with the abnormally cool Star
Wars cover), abnormally has a few more pages of Sergio's work than is
abnormal.  As abnormally usual, it's so good it's abnormal!

Abnormally silly,

PS: Canadians (and Amarkins, me thinks) can make cash or other donations
to the Red Cross to help victims in Turkey.

Attila Gokbudak wrote:
> did someone say he rarely does MAD anymore? I havent read that magazine
> on a regular basis in a long time. Take care, and please donate money
> to the quake victims in Turkey. All of us Turks and Turkish-Americans
> would really appreciate. Take care, Tilly