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Re: A Few Questions

--- Ruben Arellano <ruben@oanet.com> wrote:
> Sergio still contributes his marginals and "A MAD
> Look at..." for every
> issue of MAD.  In fact, the latest issue (with the
> abnormally cool Star
> Wars cover), abnormally has a few more pages of
> Sergio's work than is
> abnormal.  As abnormally usual, it's so good it's
> abnormal!
> Abnormally silly,
> Ruben.
> PS: Canadians (and Amarkins, me thinks) can make
> cash or other donations
> to the Red Cross to help victims in Turkey.
> Attila Gokbudak wrote:
> > did someone say he rarely does MAD anymore? I
> havent read that magazine
> > on a regular basis in a long time. Take care, and
> please donate money
> > to the quake victims in Turkey. All of us Turks
> and Turkish-Americans
> > would really appreciate. Take care, Tilly
Wow, maybe I'll have to read MAD more often. And, you're right Ruben,
the Red Cross works well also. These phone #s and addresses, that I
posted, were given in the "Washington Post" and they are legitimate if
some people had that concern. Thanks again, Tilly

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