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Selling FREE autographed cards, part 2

Shane said: "...selling "FREE" autographed stuff and pictures that were
drawn and 
autographed to a specific persons name..."

Look at it this way... if you *give* something away as a gift (e.g. a
signed promo card) with no strings attached, who should care what the
recipient does with it? If he feeds it to his dog, who should really care
(or know about it)? Would we have felt so bad if the card had been given
away on a free "auction" system or that the profit had been given to
charity? Maybe the real problem is the feeling that someone is making a
profit for something they got for free.

Don't forget that the buyer of the signed promo card is likely a fan who
couldn't make it to the con or doesn't know about the Groop and the kind
hearts of Gary and Shane. As fans we may feel unhappy about this but I'm
sure Dark Horse (and perhaps Sergio/M.E.) is happy that the "word" is even
spreading further afield.  :-)

Besides, what is the essential difference between someone making a profit
of $15 from selling Groo Pacific #2 that he bought 4 years ago and the
$5-10 someone is making on a free promo card? It certainly can't be the
money involved... it's peanuts!

~Vaughn Seward (cFlat7)