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Re: Selling FREE autographed cards, part 2

It's not really the money, it's the principle of it -- the autograph is
given for free to an apparent fan and not supposed to be sold.  That was
the pretense of the autographing session, and the scammer pulled a fast

Here's an analogy: Winter is approaching and you notice that your
neighbour, Mr. Red, has a decent stock of wood set aside for his wood
burning stove.  You saunter on over and ask for a box or two of it,
since you didn't stock up when the wood was readily available.  Mr. Red
gives you a couple boxes 'cause you're a swell guy with a fine family
and he wouldn't want you to get cold when the power goes out in the dead
of winter.  Well, the next day, Mr. Red spots you with a sign up on your
front lawn -- "Firewood, $2 a box."  Should Mr. Red NOT complain,
because you're only making a few bucks?  

Mr. Mytzxlpk,

"Vaughn H. Seward" wrote:
> Shane said: "...selling "FREE" autographed stuff and pictures that were
> drawn and
> autographed to a specific persons name..."
> Look at it this way... if you *give* something away as a gift (e.g. a
> signed promo card) with no strings attached, who should care what the
> recipient does with it? If he feeds it to his dog, who should really care
> (or know about it)? Would we have felt so bad if the card had been given
> away on a free "auction" system or that the profit had been given to
> charity? Maybe the real problem is the feeling that someone is making a
> profit for something they got for free.
> Don't forget that the buyer of the signed promo card is likely a fan who
> couldn't make it to the con or doesn't know about the Groop and the kind
> hearts of Gary and Shane. As fans we may feel unhappy about this but I'm
> sure Dark Horse (and perhaps Sergio/M.E.) is happy that the "word" is even
> spreading further afield.  :-)
> Besides, what is the essential difference between someone making a profit
> of $15 from selling Groo Pacific #2 that he bought 4 years ago and the
> $5-10 someone is making on a free promo card? It certainly can't be the
> money involved... it's peanuts!
> ~Vaughn Seward (cFlat7)