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Re: A Few Questions

--- Attila Gokbudak asked:

> did someone say he rarely does MAD anymore? I havent
> read that magazine
> on a regular basis in a long time. 

--- So I say:

Sergio has fresh marginals in every magazine, and usually an article as
well. The current issue (#385, September 1999) has 7 small drawings on
the contents and letters pages, 12 Marginals, and two articles ("A MAD
Look at Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace: The Hype", 3 pages....
and "A MAD Look at The Phantom Menace", 4 pages). In fact, Sergio has
artwork on 23 of the 48 pages (47.916% of the magazine).... So I guess
what I'm saying here is, Sergio has a HUGE presence in MAD. 
Thank you drive-thru!

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