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Short thoughts (final too)

Obviously jumping on a guy for putting a card on ebay isn't going to accomplish much and in many ways isn't worth the effort.  Even Sergio's decision to not do sketches in books anymore is a small gesture and ours is like a grain of sand on the beach.  But getting stuff for free for the express purpose of selling it is wrong when the idea of the artist is to be nice to real fans and give them something as a keepsake. 
I cannot blame folks for buying it, especially fans like Vaughn who live far away from convention land.  And I can understand people selling stuff after a number of years.  They thought they would always cherish it, but they lost interest or whatever. But, again, to get the stuff from Sergio for the express purpose of selling it, that's the rub.  
The rationales and pros and cons of what's ethical and what's not under the myriad of circumstances can get pretty murky.  But it makes Sergio mad, and that's good enough for me.  I could see that it pained him not to do sketches, but it finally pained him even more to know some folks were getting the things just to sell them. And like I said to Glen, the result is that Sergio is not happy, many real fans are not happy, and all because someone wants to make a quick buck off of someone elses generosity.  Bummer.   
Gary "I will send no more downer messages and everyone send a check to Turkish relief" Grossmann