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Groo & eBay

Hello Groo-Fans,
With all the talk about selling Groo on eBay, I thought I'd add my 1/2 kopins worth.
I am one of the people that is guilty of selling Groo items on eBay. If I find Groo for a good price I buy as much as I can. I keep at least one item of each for myself & sell or trade the rest to try & get more Groo for my collection.
I haven't met Sergio in person & gotten his autograph. I've had to buy or trade for every thing I have with his autograph. I have met Mark & Stan once at Ohio's Con in Columdus (last year). I have thier signatures on a Groo card & selling them isn't even an option for me. Gary was kind enough to get some of the Groo cards signed for me at the SDC Con this year. Even though I myself was there to get them they mean just as much to me as if I was.
I guess my point is this. If you get something sign for free, give it away & don't expect to make anything from it. The cost of going to a Con is gone once you've decided to go. I know that alot of dealers go there to get stock for thier stores. That's fine. I had a retail store & I've done the same, but I've never sold anything that was free. I've always felt it was imorale to sell a gift (a personal view).
If I had something at my store that was giving to me then I would give it to my good customers. One should look at it as a good promotioning idea. It was free after all & I wasn't out any money.
Take Care All,