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Selling FREE autographed cards, part 4 (and last)

Dear Groop,

My purpose for "stirring the pot" was primarily to present another point of
view and perhaps get folks thinking. I personally would not scalp an
artist's signature but maybe the reason I am a little sympathetic is that
one of my prized Groo collectables is a sketch that Sergio did for a local
fan here in Edmonton back in 1991. The fan a few years later reluctantly
sold it to me for which I am very grateful. This, of course, isn't the same
situation as our recent scamming incident but I know at least a few in the
groop who can attribute acquisition of some of their grossmans to purchases
of free sketches from other "fans".

I hope some day I will be able to meet Sergio, Mark, and the rest of the
Groo gang to personally thank them for the great work they have done over
the years and especially to Sergio for the sketch he drew that I now have
in my collection (and to Mark for providing up-to-date contact with us and
going the extra kilometre). This sounds really "suck-uppy" but I mean it.

~Vaughn Seward (cFlat7)

At 20/08/99 04:00 PM , you wrote:
>With regard to the ongoing "artist's signature debate",  I'd like to share a 
>There have 
>always been, and always will be, people who prey on the services of others 
>for profit.  Stealing someone elses work or idea is a much easier way of 
>making money.