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Re: A Related Story

At 03:00 PM 8/20/99 -0700, you wrote:
>With regard to the ongoing "artist's signature debate",  I'd like to share a 
>A former (and rather cold-blooded) art teacher of mine once offered the 
>class this advice:  "An artist or craftsman, no matter how talented or 
>successful, should never, ever, give a piece of work away for free--not to a 
>family member, close friend, or fan. 

~~~ And my dad had a saying..... "If your art teacher was a master, he
(she) wouldn't be teaching."  And while I don't agree with that completely,
I think it applies here.  But then again, I got thrown out of a senior
college art class for telling the teacher that all his work was "artistic
masturbation -- no one gets off on it but you."  (one of those snotty
artist types)....   I've been fairly quiet about this whole art reselling
deal, but here's my one and only posted reply:  Art is a precious
comodity... and original art is something to be cherished, studied and
loved.  Especially when it's given as a gift... and I give away original
pages of TWE all the time (Shane Clarke has all the original art for the
covers of TWE1-5) if Shane turned around and sold them (not that their in
demand; )  I'd be upset.  So I don't blame Sergio at all.

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