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The signature file/My two kopins

Well, I'm guilty. Before I discovered the groop, the only way I could
obtain Sergios' sig. was to buy it, usually off of eBay. My most
cherished pieces in my collection are the ones that are signed, and I
have bought them all. I live in the middle of nowhere, about 80 miles
from the closest comic shop of any repute, and my best source of books
is from eBay. I have purchased Buzz & Bell and Smokehouse 5/ both with
signatures and sketches. I have also bought Groo PC #'s 1,3,8 with
signatures and am planning on building an entire signed set of the PC
issues. There is a limit as to how much stuff a person can mail to ME
and ask for him and Sergio to sign, so I and people like myself rely on
lowlife like promoman to get me what I want for my collection. Not that
I would pay $10 for that card, but I did and will pay good $$$ for any
book/item that I deem worthy of adding to my collection.