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Re: Groo game

David and Jenny news:

> Well, I got my Groo card game today!!! Thank you
> David and Jenny!!!
Good stuff there D&J, can you please email me at grooless@yahoo.com
about getting the expansion deck. Or email hagen.kerr@xtra.co.nz cos
Hagen wants to buy it. Or email us the shops email address so he/I can
sort out freight to NZ.

Groop news: 
As I am getting my Groop mail forwarded to me at yahoo while I am in
Saudi, it is received in reverse order (as my PC at home autodownloads
email and forwards it in date received order, which means I get the
latest one first (becoming the oldest) and the oldest last (being now
the newest)

Sooooooo . . . I received the "message" that was sent 3 times, before I
received the one that was sent twice, so by the time I got the original
I had only received it once . . . . Now that's all Grooed Up!, but it
makes a perverse kinda sense for Groo really.

Cheers all

Greg C.

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