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Re: Sergio Tales

> I think it would be a delightful and upbeat change 
> for those Groop members 
> that qualify to send in your most memorable
> experience or encounter with a 
> member(s) of the Groo staff.  I believe it might
> generate some interesting  mail . . .
> finn

Even those of us who haven't met any of the crew can contribute.

I had been put onto a good comic shop called That's Entertainment by a
Grooper called Kevin (If I remember correctly) and I was trying to
source all the hard to find back issues of Groo that are unavailable in
NZ. I already had the Pacific Groos, which is a minor miracle for NZ,
and I was after a copy of Starslaer Comics, Issue 1, Volume 6. (or some
such - as reported by ME in the back of one of The Groo Chronicles) I
sourced and dutifully paid (A cheap price I thought) for the comic and
waited a week to get it from them. 

My bundle of comics arrived, and I read them all - WHAT! - the
starslayer Comics issue had no Groo in it. I sent frantic emails to the
comic shop and to ME to try to find who had mis-printed it. 

ME was absolutely awesome over it, he said the issue listed was a typo,
and suggested I try to talk to the shop about sending it back in
exchange for the other one, and if I had no luck to email him again and
he would try to find one in his private collection for me.

Now I was dumbfounded that an Artist would go to such lengths to help a
fan out, not that I or anyone had blamed ME for the typo. But it was a
huge offer I thought, especially as I have no way of knowing that if ME
had only 1 copy himself if it would leave him short.

Story turned out well, the shop had the copy I wanted and decided that
the issue I already had was not worth the postage to send back so they
deducted the price of the one I actually wanted. (Which was a touch
more as I had suspected at the start).

Cheers ME !

Greg C.
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