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Re: The signature file/My two kopins

I have pretty much all the Groos, and a few extras like Buzz and Bell
etc, and I keep threatening to come stateside to see you guys/grrls and
to meet SA/ME if I can, and I keep thinking about which ones to get
signed, not all of them - but which 1 or 2 would mean the most to me
signed. I have a signed collector's card I got from out of a decptively
normal looking pack of cards, and that's really cool!


> I run into people who have every issue of GROO and
> they want them all
> signed.  This, I don't get.  I have every book
> Harlan Ellison has
> written but, even though he's been a close friend
> for 30 years, I
> don't think I have more than one or two of them
> signed.  

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