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Two Kopins

I'd say "I'm back..." but the crashes, Hard Drive
formats, and the re-installations of Windows 9X
has become a weekly routine.

For a refreshing cange of pace, this week, it was a
snapped phone line.  Anywho, I seem to have come
into the middle of another hot topic, so here's my
two kopins.

Mark, why not mention the fact that fans can get
an autograph from the Groo Crew (or any other artists
that do this) for the price of postage, and a
book, rather than pay more for it from some seller?

I doubt that polite flaming of the seller would do
much more than send him/her to send an "I'm sorry"
reply, or at most, change his/her e-bay name.

Would it be possible to take legal actions against
such people?  (Maybe a comic book legal offense fund?)

Well that's pretty much it.  I can now go back
to my regularly scheduled disaster, already in.....


P.S. Of all the places, I think a promo of "Grasscutter"
should've premired in "Mulch".

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