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Re: The signature file/My two kopins

Hi guys/grrls!

ME: Just out of curiosity...what is the appeal
of a signed set of comics?  Do you think it
will make the books more valuable for resale
at some point in the future?  Do you just think
it makes the books more special?

I often ask for signatures at comic conventions, from artists/writers that I like (which is not many...). I keep a few, and give most of them away to people who I think would like them.

This time around, at the SDCC, I got 4 signatures
from Patrick McDonnell (carried 2 of my books on the
plane with me to get signed 'cause "Mutts" is one
of my favorite comic strips -- it's absolutely
brilliant, and purchased 2 more books from Bud
Plant to give away to 2 of my friends).  Stan
asked me if I wanted a Usagi poster (I said "sure"),
which he signed without my asking.  I gave it to
my friend who was stuck working in the Nostalgia
Zone booth.  Purchased a 3-D book from Sergio for
the Fan Pic III prize, which he signed and sketched
without my asking.  Then, he asked me if I had the
new promo card (which I didn't and hadn't even seen
yet), which he then whipped out of his briefcase
and signed without my asking.

Oh yeah, keep forgetting to post that Fan Pic III
starts now.

The rules:
1. No cheating.
2. Any kind of picture is o.k.  I thought modeling
  figures in clay (like Dan Cooper), then taking a
  picture of it was really neat.  Also, writing a
  story with the picture (like Bubble) is o.k., too.
3. There's only one prize, a 3-D book.  It was the
  last one that Sergio had on his table.  It's new.
  Purchased it from Sergio.
  The 3-D glasses are still attached to the book.
  Sergio drew a sketch on the 1st page of himself
  wearing 3-D glasses (one side colored blue and
  the other side colored red) and writing "Aragones
  99" in 3-D (in blue and red pencil).
  If you win, the prize is yours!  You can keep it,
  give it away, or sell it on Ebay.  (I won't get
4. No cheating.  Oh wait -- already said that ...
5. Email a scan to me (ericchun@hotmail.com), and
  I'll post it on my web site.  The scan has to
  be in jpg or gif format, and less than 1Meg
  (or else hotmail can't handle it).  Or, you
  can post it on a web site, and I'll download
  it.  If you don't have a scanner, you can
  snail mail it to me and I'll scan it.  But,
  in this case, your picture can only be black
  and white ('cause I can't scan color too
  well with my scanner).
6. You are not required to live in Sweden, the
  capital of Norway, to win.  Although, from the
  last 2 fan pic contests, it may help ...
7. Uh, what else ...  Hmm ...  I guess the contest
  has gotta end sometime, sooo how about at the
  end of September (Sept. 30)?
8. Have fun.

See you.


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