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Re: The signature file/My two kopins

--- Mark Evanier asked:
> ME: Just out of curiosity...what is the appeal of a
> signed set of
> comics?  Do you think it will make the books more
> valuable for resale
> at some point in the future?  Do you just think it
> makes the books
> more special?

--- And I thought I'd reply:
I don't really get the appeal of it either. I probably wouldn't BUY a
signed comic... but if I met Sergio (or anyone else whose work I
admire) I'd want something to remember the occasion. If I could get a
picture taken of the two of us, that'd be nice... and if I happened to
have a copy of Groo with me I imagine I'd ask him to sign it.... but
the most important thing to me would be to shake his hand and thank him
for entertaining me for all these years. 

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