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Fans for the Defense of Comic Art

>Would it be possible to take legal actions against
>such people?  (Maybe a comic book legal offense fund?)

~~~~ I smell a new groop inspired website in this.......... WHO'S WITH
ME?????  Perhaps a few of us could collaborate on a website dedicated to
squashing resellers?  Who knows, if all goes well, we might be able to get
support from the CBLDF and maybe help Sergio understand that the internet
CAN do some good.  (I've heard he's not all that thrilled with the effect
of the internet on comics.)

As usual, my design and html sword and shield are available for this
righteous cause.

But we need a cool name.

Fans for the Defense of Comic Art ?

ME, if we got this puppy rolling, would you lend us some words of support?

Nate Piekos        nate@piekosarts.com

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