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Big files over e-mails.

Sesapa yang nak share gambar/applications files, sila buat homepage kat
free websites seperti tripod/geocities dan lain - lain lagi.  Those
files consume a lot of my hard disk space in the mail directory and
takes a long lime to download  (file 500 k ambik masa dalam 4-5 minit.
Aku selalu check mail masa waktu siang - masa heavy traffic so line dia
jadi slow.  It's not about modem/and its config but the line is quite
busy/congested - ramai orang surf - gayut kut).  And also be mercy with
those having free mail at yahoo/hotmail etc.... They have limited amount
of space.  So starting from now,  Don't send huge files thru e-mail
(esp Qamm).  Cuba try buat homepage untuk posting file tu - people can
view pictures/download files from there..  Mine - try check at
http://members.tripod.com/picboard in a few days.  It's my pictureboard
and you don't have to receive/view it via my e-mails.