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ME's Generosity

ME wrote:

What we can do though is to make sure that no loyal GROO fan winds up
paying serious money for them. Sergio has a crate of those cards and
he's going to bring them over here next week and we'll sign a batch of
them. Any member of the Groo Mailing List who wants one only has to
send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the address below and ask.
(Please...no International Reply Coupons or cash for foreign stamps.
If you're out of the country, arrange for someone else to forwardyours to you.)


WOW! I'm in awe of the generosity of Sergio and Mark. Never have I seen the support and love of fans as given to the Groop. I've been a Groo fan for years and have been signed up with the Groop for a couple of months. I love reading the banter, the mulch-flinging and the chaos that this groop generates.

I've been totally envious of those of you who have gotten to meet and know Sergio and Mark personally. When I read Mark's letter, I was impressed with his concern for his fans and his Groop. Thanks for being so .... so..... umm.... (choked up...loss of words).... wonderful, generous, thoughtful, caring, awesome, and cool...

I'm grateful to have found the groop, Sergio, Mark, Stan, Tom, and especially that irresistible dude with the gerkin nose with his funny little dog....


Lucky (in more ways than one!)

ps... my sase is in the mail.. woo hooo

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