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questions about Groofest

I have a lot of questions about the Groofest 2000.  I'm real excited
about it because I actually have a reasonable chance to make it.  Here

1)Does the SDCC offer specials on hotel rates rates or anything like
that?  I know that a lot of different cons do that sort of thing, so...

2)You said Ojai was a four hour drive from SD.  I'd rather spend my
money on Groo than on renting a car, so are we all gonnna get together
and carpool, or take a bus or what?

3)Have we figured out what we're gonna do in Ojai?(not that it makes
any difference, it'll be cool nonetheless, just want know)

4)Will there be any Groo license plates?

that's all the questions I can think of right now.
And Gary, if ya could send me a list of all the Groo Stuff, It'd be
much appreciated.

Jacob S.
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