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Re: San Diego Comic Con

--- SHudlow@aol.com wrote:
> Everyone,
> Unfortunately, my message about the Comic-con did
> not bounce back to my 
> mailbox, so I assumed (which makes an a@%@# out of
> you and me) that it did 
> get sent.  Sorry!  Scott Hudlow
Hey Guys, hate to do this, really do, but since the earthquake in
Turkey, I've been receiving tremendous amounts of email. I want to keep
in touch with everyone, but right now, i need the space to answer these
more urgent emails. Please remove me from the list, but know that I
really don't want to lose contact with any of you. And, Mark, I will
write you a letter soon. I really think you did a great job with
"Groo." I also want to thank Azamin for all the support he's given in
this hard time. I also want to say I really enjoyed meeting Nate. I
hope you understand this is an urgent, crisis situation. I may ask to
rejoin the group later in the fall. Thanks again to all of you, Tilly
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