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Re: Fans for the Defense of Comic Art

I think publicly 'squashing' resellers would be a very bad idea.  For
the Groop's reputation, and for any sticky legal issues that might
arise.  I really can't see myself supporting a "Shame the Groo Sketch
Resellers" campaign.  

I think the best thing to do would be to put up a page on the Mendicants
site that gives a compelling argument as to why resellers shouldn't sell
Sergio's generous autographs.  If a groopie wants to 'inform'/harass a
resller about their selling some item, they can provide a link to that
page or just copy the text verbatim in their e-mail.  


PS: From my experience, most of the people selling Sergio's
sketches/sigs on ebay aren't professional re-sellers.  They're just 'ex'
fans selling from their personal collection.  But that's my personal
feeling, and I've been wrong before, you know.... :-}

Nate Piekos wrote:

> ~~~~ I smell a new groop inspired website in this.......... WHO'S WITH
> ME?????  Perhaps a few of us could collaborate on a website dedicated to
> squashing resellers?  Who knows, if all goes well, we might be able to get
> support from the CBLDF and maybe help Sergio understand that the internet
> CAN do some good.  (I've heard he's not all that thrilled with the effect
> of the internet on comics.)
> As usual, my design and html sword and shield are available for this
> righteous cause.
> But we need a cool name.
> Fans for the Defense of Comic Art ?
> ME, if we got this puppy rolling, would you lend us some words of support?
> ~Nate
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