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Re: questions about Groofest

Hi Folks!

I though others might like to see the answers to Jacob's questions.

>1)Does the SDCC offer specials on hotel rates rates or anything like
>that?  I know that a lot of different cons do that sort of thing, so...

Yes, but they are special rates at very expensive hotels, so close by motels
are still cheaper.

>2)You said Ojai was a four hour drive from SD.  I'd rather spend my
>money on Groo than on renting a car, so are we all gonnna get together
>and carpool, or take a bus or what?

Don't know.  At this point, anything is a possibility.  It has not been set
that GrooFest 2000 will be right before or right after the SDCC, although
this would apparently work for everyone I heard from except Chad and several
folks have voiced the hope that this is the way we go.  I haven't heard from
Sergio yet if that will work for HIM!

>3)Have we figured out what we're gonna do in Ojai?(not that it makes
>any difference, it'll be cool nonetheless, just want know)

Not really.  Just the general plan of getting together at a local restaurant
for lunch and then going to Sergio's Studio.

>4)Will there be any Groo license plates?

Uh, no. You'll have to take that up with your state's Department of Motor
Vehicles.  All I can tell you is that in Washington, it's taken.

>that's all the questions I can think of right now.
>And Gary, if ya could send me a list of all the Groo Stuff, It'd be
>much appreciated.

I'll send it in a seperate post.  Take care -Gary G.