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Re: Fans for the Defense of Comic Art

At 05:50 PM 8/22/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I think publicly 'squashing' resellers would be a very bad idea.  For
>the Groop's reputation, and for any sticky legal issues that might
>arise.  I really can't see myself supporting a "Shame the Groo Sketch
>Resellers" campaign.  

~~~~~ Maybe so.  Maybe ME's right.  We would be fighting a losing battle.
>I think the best thing to do would be to put up a page on the Mendicants
>site that gives a compelling argument as to why resellers shouldn't sell
>Sergio's generous autographs.  If a groopie wants to 'inform'/harass a
>resller about their selling some item, they can provide a link to that
>page or just copy the text verbatim in their e-mail.  

~~~~~ Nah.  That would be a lot of work for nothing.  The mendicants site
gets the least traffic of any of my sites mostly because I never promoted
it outside the groop.  

Oh well.  

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