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Re: DHP jr.

Hi Groopies !

I just got DHP Jr. from my local comic shop yesterday. The stories are
way cool but it's a pity it's in black and white. Got a parking fine
for $60 on the way too ! It's definitely the most expensive comic I've
ever bought. Guess I grooed ...

Anyway, my local comic shop has a lot of copies for sale and if
there're any groopies who needs a copy and lives near Australia, I
don't mind sending them a copy (at cost + shipping of course!). It may
save a bit on the shipping $$$ compared to getting it shipped from the

Cheers, Bennido.

--- Armond Robinson <adrobinson@centuryinter.net> wrote:
> Well, the groo virus just swept through my system.
> What a joy! Having to
> spend hours on the phone with technical support,
> reset your entire
> system, lose all your data, and then technical
> support says "Ohh, try
> retyping this line in your BIOS". AARRGGHHHHHH
> Anyway, to stay on topic here, there are two
> groopers out there in need
> of a copy of DHP jr., I have them. I would have
> contacted you personally
> but...Groo was here. Get in touch with me so we can
> conclude this deal.
> To anyone else out there, I have one copy of DHP jr.
> available at cost +
> shipping for those of you who didn't get one. First
> come, first serve.

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