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Re: The signature file/My two kopins

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Chad Riden wrote:

> picture taken of the two of us, that'd be nice... and if I happened to
> have a copy of Groo with me I imagine I'd ask him to sign it.... but
> the most important thing to me would be to shake his hand and thank him
> for entertaining me for all these years. 

I think I'm in the group of folks like Chad: having one special thing 
signed in person, or better yet being able to say "hello & thanks" would 
be the best of the best. I DO have one signed card that I didn't get in 
person, but it was from Eric on a very early contest & means a lot to me 
due to Eric & the Groop.

Sergio did a sketch off of one of my letters in the Dark Horse Groos a
while back along with the usual pithy reply by our very own "ME". That was
pretty special in & of itself, but if I ever have the chance to have the
two of them sign that issue in person, I'd be tickled, but other than
that, I think I'm with Eric: I actually did get one other signed card from
Eric or somebody for something else, & I sent that one on to Mark to help
with the "cards for poor fans completing their collections drive". 


PS Gary, you'll notice that I did agree with both Chad & Eric without 
ever having used the phrase "I agree with..." (tm)  By the way, does the 
tm count for other tenses (eg I agreed with, I will agree with, I will 
have had been agreeing with)?