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Re: The signature file/My two kopins

I also got one of the signed cards from Eric a while back. 
The coolest thing I have is a c3po card with a thought balloon with my name
on it, and signed by Sergio.
Next to that was the DH poster that ME gave out a while back. 
I was really ecstatic when the issue of Fanboy came out with grooper names
in it. I showed it to everybody. 
I've never had the chance to meet any of the Groo people in person, but
being in the groop it almost feels like I don't need to. Well, almost.

I have actually gone and gotten some comics signed by Whilce Portacio and
Leinil Francis Yu  (who are both Filipino, and therefore the only reason
why I actually got to meet them), but I really didn't say anything to them
when I got my stuff signed...well I didn't know what to say and they
weren't really very chatty either. I really like their work, but words just
escaped me at the time and I didn't want to keep the people behind me
waiting. It was great to see them drawing stuff on the spot though. That
was a lot of fun even if I had to line up for about an hour and a half.
Maybe next time. I was with my 10 year old cousin, and Leinil gave him a
wolverine sketch. My cousin had a smile from ear to ear, even though he
didn't know who Leinil was. I guess my point is, it is a different
experience when you get something signed in person, but it's still great to
have some special stuff from your favorite creators.
Although, I really don't think I would actually want to have a complete run
of signed books. One or three would be great. (i.e. my epic #1 and my
favorite issue - the ones with the fountain of youth.)

My 2 kopins...