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Re: The signature file/My two kopins

Ruben wrote:
Can we submit a little comic strip?

Uh, comic strips are for the Mulch web site.

Eric Chun wrote:
> Hi guys/grrls!
> >ME: Just out of curiosity...what is the appeal
> >of a signed set of comics?  Do you think it
> >will make the books more valuable for resale
> >at some point in the future?  Do you just think
> >it makes the books more special?
> I often ask for signatures at comic conventions,
> from artists/writers that I like (which is not
> many...).  I keep a few, and give most of them away
> to people who I think would like them.
> This time around, at the SDCC, I got 4 signatures
> from Patrick McDonnell (carried 2 of my books on the
> plane with me to get signed 'cause "Mutts" is one
> of my favorite comic strips -- it's absolutely
> brilliant, and purchased 2 more books from Bud
> Plant to give away to 2 of my friends).  Stan
> asked me if I wanted a Usagi poster (I said "sure"),
> which he signed without my asking.  I gave it to
> my friend who was stuck working in the Nostalgia
> Zone booth.  Purchased a 3-D book from Sergio for
> the Fan Pic III prize, which he signed and sketched
> without my asking.  Then, he asked me if I had the
> new promo card (which I didn't and hadn't even seen
> yet), which he then whipped out of his briefcase
> and signed without my asking.
> Oh yeah, keep forgetting to post that Fan Pic III
> starts now.
> The rules:
> 1. No cheating.
> 2. Any kind of picture is o.k.  I thought modeling
>    figures in clay (like Dan Cooper), then taking a
>    picture of it was really neat.  Also, writing a
>    story with the picture (like Bubble) is o.k., too.
> 3. There's only one prize, a 3-D book.  It was the
>    last one that Sergio had on his table.  It's new.
>    Purchased it from Sergio.
>    The 3-D glasses are still attached to the book.
>    Sergio drew a sketch on the 1st page of himself
>    wearing 3-D glasses (one side colored blue and
>    the other side colored red) and writing "Aragones
>    99" in 3-D (in blue and red pencil).
>    If you win, the prize is yours!  You can keep it,
>    give it away, or sell it on Ebay.  (I won't get
>    upset.)
> 4. No cheating.  Oh wait -- already said that ...
> 5. Email a scan to me (ericchun@hotmail.com), and
>    I'll post it on my web site.  The scan has to
>    be in jpg or gif format, and less than 1Meg
>    (or else hotmail can't handle it).  Or, you
>    can post it on a web site, and I'll download
>    it.  If you don't have a scanner, you can
>    snail mail it to me and I'll scan it.  But,
>    in this case, your picture can only be black
>    and white ('cause I can't scan color too
>    well with my scanner).
> 6. You are not required to live in Sweden, the
>    capital of Norway, to win.  Although, from the
>    last 2 fan pic contests, it may help ...
> 7. Uh, what else ...  Hmm ...  I guess the contest
>    has gotta end sometime, sooo how about at the
>    end of September (Sept. 30)?
> 8. Have fun.
> See you.
> Eric
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