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Re: Sergio Tales

--- Finn Smith wrote:
> I 
> think it would be a delightful and upbeat change for
> those Groop members 
> that qualify to send in your most memorable
> experience or encounter with a 
> member(s) of the Groo staff

--- And I remembered:
I've never met the guys... but I ALMOST met Sergio. When I was in
junior high, the closest comic shop was in Cleveland, Tennessee. I was
there one Saturday afternoon and I bought a Groo t-shirt and a few
issues. The lady who ran the store smiled and handed me a flier saying
Sergio would be at the store signing stuff and doing drawings for
people. I freaked out. She said, "yeah, he'll be here NEXT SUNDAY. you
should come back!" and i was like, "I'll be here."

So I came back next sunday. No Sergio. I went up to the lady and asked,
"I thought Sergio was going to be here?" She looked puzzled and said,
"Sergio was here LAST SUNDAY. sorry!" I was dumbfounded. Crushed, I
went home. I looked at the fliar, and sure enough... the date on it
indicated that Sergio would have been there the next day... and she
said, "he'll be here NEXT SUNDAY!!" When she meant TOMORROW! 

I hate the way people talk in Tennessee. Drives me crazy.

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