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Re: Big files over e-mails.

Chad Riden wrote:

> --- I think "Azamin \"Cantona\" Zainol Abidin" wrote:
> > Sesapa yang nak share gambar/applications files,
> > sila buat homepage kat
> > free websites seperti tripod/geocities dan lain -
> > lain lagi....

Yes, I wrote this, but it was not for groop, it's for my other mailing
list which consist of my ex classmates at the university (bscit97
mailing list).  I accidently sent it to groop after a mixup with my
other mails that I want to send to groop or maybe at that time I think
about groop.  Actually I wrote those messages to ask them not to send
big files through e-mails but instead , build a homepage as a picture
board to show those pictures or to put applications files for friends to
download.  So my idea is if I have something to share with friends, then
I posted that file to my pictureboard and e-mails friends about the
homepage/update for them to view.  Not everybody want to view the
pictures. This way it reduce my time of downloading the big e-mails from
my ISP and avoid the e-mail to consume a lot of space in my hard disk.
Anyway once again, I'm sorry for the mix up of the e-mail address.

> --- And I thought:
> Wow! Just one beer and I think I'm trashed!

I don't drink beer.

Malaysian ambassador to groop