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Re: Sergio Tales

Just to add to that, as I walked up to Sergio and introduced myself as
"Ruben, the guy who does the Sergiography" he replies "Oh my god, you
guys are crazy!!".  Oh, and before I actually met Gary, I was a little
leary about what he might be like too! ;-}  Of course, then he whipped
out his tie-matic Groo statue carousel.... 

A couple of thoughts about the Groofest:
1)maybe we should take a list of e-mails for those folks who want to be
on a "Groofest 2000 mailing list".  I dunno' if anyone can set up their
own mailing list, but at least we could just do it manually with lots of
CC's.  Or maybe all Groopies want to know what's going on, even if they
have no chance of attending (or aren't interested)?

2)As the G-day approaches, we should probably make up some sort of
'guest passes' or buttons or something to both commemorate the event and
avoid any unruly party crashers. 

What do they mean, slow of mine?,

Gary Grossmann wrote:
> The first time I met Sergio, I think he had heard about this crazy person
> who collected even the tiniest drawing of Groo and figured I was certifiable
> and probably someone to be leary of. (Who could blame him?)  Combine this
> with the fact that he had just met Ruben and the Sergiography for the first
> time the day before and he was probably ready to make a break for the
> airport when I introduced myself! One of the first things he said to me was
> "Why would anyone collect Groo?"  I was a tad crestfallen.
> Then after we talked for a little while, he realized I had a family
> (intact), held down a job, was aloud to move about unsupervised (most of the
> time) and, generally, was (like Ruben) not one of those "Get a Life" type
> folks.   Anyway, he was very funny when I whipped out my photocopies of all
> the Groo appearances in MAD and showed him the Groo List, saying things like
> "How can you see that?"  "You must have sacraficed a lot of 'quality time'
> to find these" and "I put Groo in 'Captain Bleed?' I have no shame!"  It was
> great.