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Setting up your own email news group

It is easy to create your own email news group. Just go to the following
website, set up your group and then members can subscribe/unsubscribe
themselves... and it's free!


P.S. The only catch is there are "discreet" ads that may show up at the end
of your messages (like with hotmail)... but you can get rid of them for
$4.95 per month.

~Vaughn Seward (cFlat7)

>A couple of thoughts about the Groofest:
>1)maybe we should take a list of e-mails for those folks who want to be
>on a "Groofest 2000 mailing list".  I dunno' if anyone can set up their
>own mailing list, but at least we could just do it manually with lots of
>CC's.  Or maybe all Groopies want to know what's going on, even if they
>have no chance of attending (or aren't interested)?