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Re: Groofest Website

Cool -- I (.... you knew *this* was coming...) would like to see you
take a laptop and digital camera to the SDCC and upload pix to the
website during the Con & Groofest for all those other folks who can't
attend to see. C'mon! Of course, I don't volunteer to pay for any of
that... :-}}

Too bad about the HoM.  At first I thought "Why take it down, just leave
it as a static site."  But then I realized Nate wouldn't want to keep an
unfinished or substandard project 'open' indefintely, under his name. 
That takes guts.  I hope someone does take it under their wing,

Oh, and I checked out Nate's site www.piekosarts.com -- what a cool
title page!  Where the heck did you come up with that graphic?  


Nate Piekos wrote:
> OK, you knew this was coming........
> I volunteer  (...see, already you're rolling your eyes at me!)
> to design and upkeep the coordinating site for GROOFEST 2000.
> BUT  (oh there go the eyes again.)
> I'd like to announce the CLOSING of the Hall of Mendicants.
> I'm sorry.  I just don't have the time to finish the bios or make the site
> as useful as it could be....
> I will however keep the MULCH! part going.  It will get its own site. The
> new MULCH! address is: http://www.piekosarts.com/mulch
> BUT  that's not all....
> I am offering the files to anyone who wants to host it.  Anyone who thinks
> they can give the HoM a good home, let me know, and I will transfer all the
> files to you, (and mail you the remaining bios) and it's yours, graphics
> and all, to do whatever you want with it.  Please e-mail me privately about
> that.
> If no one takes me up on this offer, the HoM goes offline by Friday of this
> week.