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Re: Groofest Website

At 09:12 PM 8/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Cool -- I (.... you knew *this* was coming...) would like to see you
>take a laptop and digital camera to the SDCC and upload pix to the
>website during the Con & Groofest for all those other folks who can't
>attend to see. C'mon! Of course, I don't volunteer to pay for any of
>that... :-}}

~~~~ Good.  And I won't volunteer to buy a laptop. ; )
>Too bad about the HoM.  At first I thought "Why take it down, just leave
>it as a static site."  But then I realized Nate wouldn't want to keep an
>unfinished or substandard project 'open' indefintely, under his name. 
>That takes guts.  I hope someone does take it under their wing,

~~~~ We've already got a few who want the duty, so now I have to choose! Ugh.
>Oh, and I checked out Nate's site www.piekosarts.com -- what a cool
>title page!  Where the heck did you come up with that graphic?  

~~~~ The purplish graphic is an interior of a cathedral that I blurred, and
the girl's face in the logo design section was... um, a porno actress that
I "stumbled across"

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