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Re: The signature file/My two kopins

From: "Racoono Dan" <spork_dan@hotmail.com>

From: "Sean McCoy" <woodchuck777@hotmail.com>

From: Chad Riden <chadmriden@yahoo.com>
--- And I thought I'd reply:
I don't really get the appeal of it either. I probably wouldn't BUY a
signed comic...

I did this! i was at the Con and was looking for a pacific #1 and in one of
the booths someone had one but it was already signed. I thought about it for
a minute but in my opinion, having something signed is only cool if you were
there and they signed it for you. It's like saying "hey I met Sergio, and
here is the proof, he doodled for me!". So i didnt get the comic.

heh heh heh... that is exactly what I said earlyer!

Yeah I read you post about 2 minutes after I sent that mine off!

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