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Signed card and comic.


Gary, I've received your mail this morning, thanks for the gift...  I'll
try to send you the first day cover of the opening of Petronas twin
Tower - the tallest building in the world on 30th August.

Mark Evanier, Sergio and Groo crews, thanks for signing the comic and
the promo card (Gary asked you at the San Diego Con.).  It's hard for us
on this side of the planet to get such items, it's a priceless item not
as those who are in the US who easily can get it at comic conventions
which prompt some  to sell it on e-bays and willing to buy it. I know
this comic shop owner who is a Groo fan along with  her husband.  They
managed to get a comic signed by Sergio during his visit to Malaysia in
1997.  She  displayed the signed comic at the shelf with the huge "NOT
FOR SALE" banner.  I  missed Sergio 1997 visit to Malaysia and this had
been redeemed by the signed comic and promo card.

Once again, Thanks Gary, Mark, Sergio and Tom Luth.