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Sorry for the spam Groop, but having messages forwarded to me (That's
me as in Greg not me as in ME - like in the third person) strips of the
senders email address.

Oskar, - I'll take you up on that offer if I can. Can't get any of them
in NZ. I'd like 1 copy of each TPB you can get hold of. 

Please email me at grooless@yahoo.com and we can sort out details.


Greg Craill.

>I have discovered that the trade paperbacks B-G are
> the hardest Groo 
> publications to find.  They are raelly touigh
> finds!    All I can say is 
> keep your eyes open on ebay and  look in
> unorganized comic stores.  Good 
> luck!  -Gary G.
> Hi Groop!
> My local store still have some of these!
> Intrested? Let me know!
> /Oskar, Sweden.

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