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C&C Tiberium Sun is out

For those groop members who are C&C fans, C&C Tiberium Sun is out.  So
go and buy it,  the frays are waiting for you.  But too bad, there is no
unit in this game named Groo.  Maybe Groo is too powerful for units in
Tiberium Sun to encounter .


What's bigger than Tiberian Sun? Nothing. That wasn't the best
way to open up another sparkling edition of Spotlight, but you
don't care. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is out, and all is
good. The biggest gaming event of this season has arrived, and
the game that refused to be finished is finally done.

Geoff Keighley went to Westwood to chronicle the final, frantic
hours of the gestation of Tiberian Sun, and now he gives us a
glimpse of what's to come for the formidable Command & Conquer
series. Not only do we get a firsthand report of how it all came
together, but we also learn interesting factoids. Did you know
that the Tiberian Sun launch is to date the largest PC launch in
history, with an initial run of 2.2 million copies? Bet you
always wanted to know that.

Seriously, it is a great feature that takes you inside Westwood
and shows us what the future might hold in store for one of PC
gaming's most celebrated franchises.