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DC Comics...

I have to relate to somebody about my new discovery.

I've pretty much avoided most DC titles my whole life. Why? I don't know. I only follow the Vertigo branch and a few select others. I was just never into the DC superhero.

I've been dipping way back collecting House of Secrets and House of Mystery, any that contain Sergio Aragones work. Being that my Groo collection is pretty near complete (not counting the zillion international variations Gary!), I've been going full on Sergio work outside of Groo.

I have to say that I love House of Secrets and House of Mystery. These old books sport some of the greatest little short stories that I've read in a long time. They kinda remind me of a cross between Twilight Zone and some cheesy B movies on TV.

Wow... I'm really stoked with my discovery... only sad thing is, they're not cheap... the older books have been costing me inbetween $5 and $20 a pop! (and that's just for reading copies!)

I bet that even M.E. has some stories about these titles!