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Re: DC Comics...

>I have to say that I love House of Secrets and House of Mystery. These old 
>books sport some of the greatest little short stories that I've read in a 
>long time. They kinda remind me of a cross between Twilight Zone and some 
>cheesy B movies on TV.

~~~ Yep, I remember some of those in my collection even back when I was
maybe 10-12 years old.  I used to love those too.  If you wanna go way
back, read some choice horror with old EC Comics like TALES FROM THE CRYPT
and SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES.  You can find reprints fairly cheap.  Those are
awesome too.  Vintage illustrators like Johnny Craig.  EC was owned by one
of my comic book heroes, Bill Gaines, who fought against censorship in the
courts back when horror/suspense comics were in part being blamed for
juvenille delinquency.... in fact, FANBOY covered that topic, remember?

And not to plug myself,  but I'll be putting out an indie horror/dark
comedy comic early next year that is a tribute to Bill Gaines and EC
Comics, called "3:33PM".  In fact, I'm drawing a walking corpse right
now.... no, not Keith Richards.... 

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