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Re: Question about an ebay item

Jacob & Others who may be interested,

That poster is the only mass market Groo poster that came out. (circa 1987)
The others are promo posters sent out through retailers.  The sellers hype
is somewhat misleading, but they don't pop up on ebay very often.  Amazingly
for me, it's one of the few pre-1995 (also known as the "pre-deranged
period") Groo items that I purchased when it came out.

So your generous offer is appreciated but fortunately not necessary.  I
always feel really weird bidding against fellow Groopies because I either
end up out bidding them or jacking up the price they end up paying.  (just
ask Dan, aka Rat).  But it's gonna happen.   btw, the current high bidder is
a Groopie.

Take care all -Gary G.

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From: Jacob Starkey <jedi_master_groo@yahoo.com>
To: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 8:29 PM
Subject: Question about an ebay item

>I was looking on eBay, and came across a very cool looking Groo item.
>It's item #154965824.  The seller says it's "one of a kind" and I
>wanted confirmation from the Groop(or Gary).  I would like to get it,
>but if Gary doesn't have it(which one would think is impossible), far
>be it from be to be the one to prevent him from adding such an item to
>his collection.  He probably take Groo out of his basement and sick 'em
>on me anyways ;p
>Jacob S.
>PS Could anybody tell me what issue of Wizard has the three page Usagi
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