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Re: Fanpic/Groofest

Hi Folks!

Nate Wrote:

>Hey, it's awful slow around here.  I can almost hear Gary collecting over
>there.... BTW, Gary, did you see the official GrooFest 2000 site?

Wow, Nate!  Looks cool!  As for the "How?" , I'm not sure what to send you
about that.  How do people get there?  Maps will be forthcoming.  How do you
sign up?  Contact me and say "I'm coming."

btw, Nate, I think you are hearing me balance my check book rather than
collecting.  (I tend to moan loudly when going over my finances)

What a wierd Groo Day.  No more Demon Squirrel (first Larry, now DS!  Who's
next?), another Portugese person (probably another Chem Prof.) wants off the
list, and then we get a message from a guy in Brazil.  I guess it's a
Portugese Groo day! OK Brasillian Groopies, what does it say?  That reminds
me, I should have the rest of the Brasillian Groos very soon.  WhooHoo!
(OK Nate, so I haven't just been balancing my check book)

btw, the Groo in the Dark Horse Maverick Jam Poster inside last month's
issue of Dark Horse Extra (#14) is the artwork from the cover of Groo #4
(the first mini-series) And I think The Comic Artist with the Sergio article
that Eric mentioned is #7 and can be ordered now, not purchased.  #6 of the
more or less bi-monthly publication is arriving in stores this week, I
think, and was advertised as a continuation of their look at Marvel.  So
their look at DC must be the next one. (Eric, your store must get Previews
before my store).

Anywho, buy for now  (Ack!!  Freudian Slip!!  Darn this check book!)
Take care all -Gary "Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt" Grossmann