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Re: Fanpic/Groofest

Hi guys/grrls!

And I think The Comic Artist with the Sergio article
that Eric mentioned is #7 and can be ordered now,
not purchased.  #6 of the more or less bi-monthly
publication is arriving in stores this week, I think,
and was advertised as a continuation of their look
at Marvel.

Uh uh. It turns out it's Numero 5. DC Comics 1967-74, with Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Enemy Ace, Hawkman, Deadman, Flash, Creeper, Metamorpho, and Robin on the cover.


Better run back to the comic store b4 it's gone ...

I don't think Numero 6 is out yet.

See you.


Ps. Don't forget to enter the Fan Pic III contest!

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