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Re: Groo Poster for $5 (not $40!)

At 02:08 PM 9/2/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Cool! A newbie! Welcome to the groop. I hope you're with us for many years
>to come. Remember, we're called "groopies" not "groopers" despite what some
>absurdly-named person like Sparky Urinetoast may say. And Gary Gossmann is
>to be referred to as "Oh great dessesbo one" whenever addressed. And don't
>speak positively about Manchester United.
>Uh... I better go. I can feel the flames from here.
>In Cognito,
>Kevin Hall

~~~ Darn you Kevin Hall (see, Eric, I didn't say, "damn")!  Darn your mangy
hide!  If I didn't know better, I'd say you were Chris Schechner in a Kevin
Hall costume (and I've met Kevin Hall in person... he's naturally
rubbery.... so it's a tough call. )

~Nate "Sparky" Urinetoast.

PS. I'm kidding Kev, you're not rubbery.  You're more like a synthetic polymer.
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