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Re: "incognito" ahem!

schechner & associates (I called Schechner & Associates, and they
vehemently deny that a Kevin Hall EVER worked there, that they'd even
heard of an alleged "Kevin Hall" or that he even existed in any reality
other than his own) wrote:

> Cool! A newbie! Welcome to the groop. I hope you're with us for many years
> to come. Remember, we're called "groopies" not "groopers" despite what some
> absurdly-named person like Sparky Urinetoast may say. And Gary Gossmann is
> to be referred to as "Oh great dessesbo one" whenever addressed. And don't
> speak positively about Manchester United.
> Uh... I better go. I can feel the flames from here.
> In Cognito,
> Kevin Hall
> PS. Welcome to the groop, Andju.

Mr. Schechner,
Could I have a word with you out in the hall??

PS The rest of you may remain in your seats.
PPS Yes, welcome to the Groop, Andju...we're not usually this weird --
only when the sun is out or it's night time. During total eclipses,
we're perfectly normal.