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Re: Raptus ´99 (Sergio in Norway)!

At 18:09 1999-09-02 +0200, the Knight Who Says Cheesedip wrote:
>At 08:52 02.09.99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Alright all you Scandinavian Groopers!
>>I'm going to Bergen, who's with me?!
>I'm here already... just waiting... seriously... YAY!!!! unfortunately I 
>can't be there all the time :( Damn that election!!!
>anyway... who else is coming? should we meet? It would be great to meet 
>some of you people. We could get together and swim in a large bowl of 
>Cheese Dip while discussing Groo ;)

I want to come and as long as nothing onforeseen happens I'm going to be
there! If anybody who live around there decide some good place to meet
(that you can find on your first trip to Norway ;-)).

Did anybody have the exact time/date?

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